TELUS Business Roaming: International

TELUS Business Easy Roam International

$12 for 24 hours
What you get:
Available only on TELUS Easy Share plans, Easy Roam gives you access to your monthly rate plan for $8 per day in the US and $12 per day in over 150 international destinations. When you travel, use your minutes, data and texts just like you would at home. Plus, you only pay for the days you choose to use your phone.

How it works:
  • Log in to My TELUS to confirm if you have Easy Roam, and add it if you don’t. Or, text ROAM to 7626 to add Easy Roam to your device.
  • Easy Roam will only activate if you use data, send a text, make or answer a call while travelling. If you don’t want to use Easy Roam, avoid those actions and ensure data roaming is turned off.
  • For each bill cycle you won’t pay more than $120 per month in the US and $180 in international destinations, making it ideal for longer trips. Plus, you’ll receive data notifications to add more data and avoid overages just like when you’re at home.
$12 for 24 hours in 100+ international destinations
$12 for 24 hours

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