Griffin USB to microUSB 3.0 Cable

Griffin USB to microUSB 3.0 Cable



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The new standard for USB high-speed data transfer uses a new connector. So Griffin has the new cable for you.This cable's got a micro-B USB 3.0 connector at one end for tablets, cameras, e-readers, smartphones and a host of devices too numerous to count (check your device to see what kind of connector it requires); and a Type A standard USB plug at the other end, for connecting to USB chargers or the USB port of your computer. And 3 feet of robust cable in between. Features 1-meter / 39" charge/sync cable that supports USB 3.0 data transfer protocol Type A USB to micro-B USB 3.0 plugs Fits a wide variety of high-speed USB devices A full meter (39 inches) in length from connector to connector

Charging Connection microUSB
Output Connections microUSB

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