With TELUS Business Connect™


Answer the call, Anytime, Anywhere without worry

What is TELUS Business Connect?

TELUS Business Connect is an advanced mobile and desktop office phone cloud-based solution to the problems that can plague your business. This advance phone integration is designed to let you answer your client's regardless of where you are. As you move around on service calls, work in the field or work from home TELUS Business Connect follows you across devices to ensure no call goes unanswered.

No matter where you are TELUS Business Connect uses VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) to keep you connected to your office, team, dispatchers and more. You can answer any call via, computer, mobile or desktop phone.

Why choose TELUS Business Connect for your business?
  • It makes it easier than ever to manage your cash flow.
  • It keeps you available to customers at all time with a single number.
  • Its scalablity makes it easier than ever to grow right along with you as you grow your business.
  • It also saves you time and hassle, allowing you to be even more productive.
  • Its value rich solution offers unlimited calling and over 35 features including:
    • IP fax
    • Audio and video conferencing
    • An autoattendant to greet callers
    • Local NAP numbers so you can grow into new markets
    • And so much more!
To get more detailed information on how each type of VoIP or PBX phone available to use with TELUS Business Connect use this handy chart.


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Still don't have all the information you need to make the decision? This short video explains exactly how TELUS Business Connect works.



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