What the heck is OPTIK??

You may already have cable and own a PVR, but technology can do much more than just record, pause, and rewind.  Why are you being left out of all the COOL features that OPTIK has?  

Can you record TV shows while on-the-go or from work directly from your smart phone?  I didn't think so.

Can you pause a show in the living room and continue the program in your bedroom RIGHT WHERE YOU LEFT OFF?  No?  Seriously, you're not on this yet?

Is your cable service giving you the flexibility to use the devices you already own the way you want to use them?  If you’ve purchased expensive electronic gaming system like the Xbox 360 and can’t use it as a set-top box, the answer is NO...


Millions of former cable customers have switched to Telus Optik TV for amazing features like:

- Remote recording from your smartphone

- TONS of HD programming (over 125 HD channels... and pretty much every sports channel you can think of)


- The best PVR experience with PVR Anywhere (pause and record from ANY room in the house)...

- Facebook and tons of apps right on your TV.  That's right.... they're not just for your phone anymore!

    Users have “lit-up” their Xbox and made it Media Room enabled, unleashing the true power of their gaming console and saving a ton of money in the process.

    Even if you have what you consider a “top-tier” package with your current cable company you may not be getting the best VALUE for money.  

    It doesn’t matter if you have one TV in your house, or you’re a five TV media-munching family.  Telus Optik TV will make your TV and media viewing experience much more enjoyable. 

    None of our services require a contract, but if you are the contract signing type, then we have some insanely lucrative offers if you sign up today:

    1. Free PVR rental

    2. Free LAPTOP offer

    3. Super cheap bundle pricing

    4. 6-months of special offers  


    Our staff members are Optik ninjas (that's right, everyone that works at Open Connection is required to be an actual NINJA).  We'll get you into the absolute best package and save you the most money.  We make sure you have the sweetest PVR with tons of space for all your HD movies (and Golden Girls reruns) and verify that everything is working flawlessly on every TV in your house.  Let our Optik experts act as your personal concierge with Telus and get you started right now.




    Psst...see that GIGANTIC phone number below?

    Call right now and tell them 2 things:

    1) I WANT TO GET ALL THE COOL STUFF THAT OPTIK HAS right now.  Plus, tell me about the special deals available that we can't even advertise.

    2) Give me 6-months free (and set up everything over the phone).




    P.S. Worried about breaking up with the cable company?  DON'T...we'll take care of everything.  We’ll notify your current operator and cancel your package on your behalf. We'll be your ninja in shining armor.  It’ll be the easiest break-up of your life ;-)